“Paige's work is beautifully melancholic, dark, and at times even brooding. You can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness, and in its outré way, it can become introspective & therapeutic as well.”

-Broken Keys Publishing

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Flowers Grow in Graveyards Too: a sunday mornings at the river poetry anthology contains poetry by Alexis Mitchell, Amanda Baker, Amanda Brown, Andy Ending, Anita Sarah, AnnaMaria Pinaka, Bithika Halder, Corinne Owens, Cristina Burduja, Emily Read, Eve Croskery, G.F. Sage, Hale Leo, Holly Ruskin, Ian William L., K. Henshaw, Clair-Louise Walsh, Katie Carr, Lauren Kaeli Baker, Mandy Trotti, M.N, Minnie H, Miriam Otto, Monika Radojevic, Nidhi Jain, Nikko L, Peta Roxy Brady, P.J. Rosen, Rebekah Crilly, Rhiannon Ireland, Ryan Sam Turner, Sorrel Beya, Salem Paige, Sam Morley, Sana Mujtaba, Sara Sabharwal, Sascha Felix Luinenburg and Zeynep Yılmaz.

Flowers Grow in
Graveyards Too

Sunday Mornings at the River

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