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Salem Paige (they/them) is a queer poet who plays with the conventions of poetry to bring intentional discomfort to their reader.


Their works revolve around the exploration of identity through embracing discomfort as a precursor to growth.

They examine uncomfortable subjects in a disturbed way, considering the details of mental illness and sexuality with sublime raw imagery. 

hi! i'm salem paige :)

i'm a queer, trans, twenty-two year old university student living in ontario, canada. i spend a lot of my time writing poetry about my discomfort, napping, and watching a little more than the recommended dose of trashy reality TV. i love the occult, the macabre, the strange / disturbing / absurd, and i try to bring those elements into a lot of my writing.

so far, i've been published in a number of literary journals and art magazines including the Ariel Chart Literary Journal, and contributed two poems to the FACES 2022 Best New Book of the Year, Love and Catastrophē Poetry.

i hope you enjoy my work 


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